RCIA Certification - Coming September 2017!

The RCIA Leader Certification is an online certification program for parish leaders and volunteers who are involved in the RCIA process. This certification provides a comprehensive RCIA training which focuses on each of the periods of the RCIA process and emphasizes the three pillars of formation that are necessary to form life-long disciples of Jesus Christ—Pastoral Formation, Catechetical Formation, and Liturgical Formation. This training and certification greatly assists dioceses in providing a comprehensive training and formation for their parish leaders in the RCIA process and also helps bring about a common vision and pastoral practice for RCIA in the diocese. The online certification also provides a way to reach more dioceses and parish leaders than on-site trainings that are more expensive and more attendance prohibitive for many parish leaders—especially in dioceses with a large geographical area.



Summary of Sessions


  1. Overview of the RCIA Process
  2. Precatechumenate: Pastoral Formation
  3. Precatechumenate: Catechetical and Liturgical Formation
  4. Catechumenate: Pastoral Formation
  5. Catechumenate: Catechetical Formation
  6. Catechumenate: Liturgical Rites and Formation
  7. Purification and Enlightenment: Pastoral and Catechetical Formation
  8. Purification and Enlightenment: Liturgical Rites and Formation
  9. Mystagogia: Pastoral and Liturgical Formation
  10. Mystagogia: Catechetical Formation
  11. The Role of Godparents and Sponsors
  12. The Formation and Role of the RCIA Team
  13. How to Address Difficult Pastoral Issues in the RCIA

Certification Includes

  • Pastoral, Catechetical, and Liturgical Formation for Each Period of RCIA
  • Overview of the Major and Minor Liturgical Rites
  • The Role of Sponsors and Godparents in RCIA
  • The Formation and Role of the RCIA Team
  • Presented by RCIA experts from around the country providing sound and practical formation
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